Government to ease lockdown regulations

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May 8, 2020
Water tanks to improve supply in Mpumalanga
May 8, 2020

Government to ease lockdown regulations

Meanwhile, Cabinet has resolved to gradually lift the restrictions on economic activity, guided by the best available scientific evidence.

“We will follow a risk-adjusted approach to the return of economic activity, balancing the continued need to limit the spread of the Coronavirus with the need to get people back to work. As we do so, we remain firm in our resolve to contain the transmission of the virus,” President Ramaphosa said.

The President will on Thursday address the nation on the measures that will be taken beyond the nationwide lockdown to re-open the economy.

“We will therefore need to act with agility and flexibility in the weeks and months ahead, and respond to the situation as it develops. This crisis will not last forever, and the day will come when these measures are no longer needed. Until then, however, we must ensure that all of our people receive adequate support,” he said.

The President said the impact of the Coronavirus requires an extraordinary Coronavirus budget – of around R500 billion – to direct resources towards fighting the pandemic.

“This will include the reprioritisation of around R130 billion within the current budget. The rest of the funds will be raised from both local sources, such as the Unemployment Insurance Fund, and from global partners and international finance institutions. The scale of this emergency relief programme is historic.

“It demonstrates that we will not spare any effort, or any expense, in our determination to support our people and protect them from harm,” he said. –

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